Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Visitor Name Tags

Could my company/organization benefit from having visitor name tags? With the heightened awareness of security and identification in today’s world, visitor name tags are very useful.

Identifying the visitors that come to your office is a great idea. Visitors may look like strangers walking around your work place if not properly identified. With the aid of visitor name tags, your employees will be able to recognize visitors and assist them more efficiently.

Keep your visitor name badges at your office’s check in desk. This will increase the safety and security of your work place. Also, it will demonstrate the professional nature of your organization by showing that you are serious about office safety.

Providing visitors with name tags is an opportunity to make a good impression. Make the visitor feel important and welcome. Be creative in your name tag design – say “VIP” or “Special Guest” in place of “Visitor”. Consider ordering different types of visitor name tags for the different departments that each guest will be a part of. Indicate on the name tag that this is a visitor for the finance department and not the management team.

Visitor name tags can take on more uses than expected. Think about how you can creatively use these name tags. Our website offers a variety of name tags to explore your creativity. Any way you make your visitor name tags, you will be helping identify guests while promoting a positive opinion of your company by all who visit.

Join us next post when we’ll talk about shaping name tag corners. Until then, remember that…

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Online Shopping and Sales Tax

So here you are, exploring your name tag options, and you are ready to check out. Are you expecting to pay a sales tax on your name tag order? Don’t bother… unless you live in Mississippi. has its home state location in Mississippi. We have to collect sales tax on name tag orders that are made from within the state. Unless the State Tax Commission has released you from paying sales tax or you have a direct pay permit, and you live in Mississippi, then your order will be taxed.

If your name tag order is shipped out of our home state, then don’t worry, it is not subject to sales tax. But you’re thinking back, and you know you’ve paid sales tax on orders made with other companies out of your home state! For these companies, the order was taxed because they have a retail location or a distributor in your state. It doesn’t matter where the main company is located, as long as they have a distributor in your state you have to pay sales tax.

For the time being, there is no tax on internet sales. Your online orders with will not be taxed if shipped out of state. Eventually, there will probably be some sort of flat internet sales tax. So enjoy ordering your name tags all you want before there is a sales tax put on online orders!

Appreciate the ease of online shopping with while you discover all the different types of name tags we offer. Full color, metal, engraved, custom shaped, and other types of name tags are available to order at your fingertips.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Reuse Reduce Recycle

It’s time to do your part. Here’s one small step you can take to reduce waste. Use and recycle reusable name tags.

Reusable name tags are very affordable and easy to personalize on-site. They are great name tags to have on hand in an organization with a fast growing member population or a company with an ever changing staff.

Each name tag can be customized with your organization name/logo design imprinted on it. An open space on the name badge is left for you to apply a name label at your convenience. Make affordable name labels with your own printer or label maker in the office. Your personalized name tags can be made in no time!

Buy reusable name tags in bulk – it cuts down on the cost and they will all be put to good use at some point. If you have a small and relatively permanent staff, consider our other types of name tags. We offer full color, metal, engraved, and custom shaped name tags.

Join us next post when we’ll talk about sales tax on name tag orders. Until then, remember that…

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Say Cheese!

It’s time to take pictures of your employees for their photo id badges. All you need to get started is a digital camera. Here are some tips we have to share on how to get great pictures for your id badges.

  • Use the same color background behind each employee
  • Solid color backgrounds work best
  • Make sure the lighting in the room stays consistent
  • Don’t shoot with the sun behind the subject
  • Take the pictures from the same distance for each subject
  • Frame each subject the same – either all horizontally or all vertically
  • Tell the subject to smile! Don’t let them think this is a mug shot.
  • Suggest ahead of time that all employees wear a company shirt or company colors
  • Designating one room for this photo shoot will produce consistent pictures

Once you have taken all of your pictures for your id badges, send them to by email, and we’ll take care of the rest of the work. Have your pictures either renamed with your employees’ names, or make a list of employees with their picture number (i.e. Janice Wright – 001.jpg). We will design the id badge layout and proofs will be emailed to you to verify that all names, titles, and photos match up. Then, within 48 hours, your images will be digitally imprinted on white plastic badges and shipped.

Your full color photo id badges come with a pin back, or are available with magnetic backings, clip backings, or lanyards. Photo id badges - simple and affordable with! Pull out your camera today!

Join us next post when we’ll talk about reusable name tags. Until then, remember that…

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Show Us What You’re Made Of

With all the different types of name tags offered, you might be thinking "what are these tags actually made out of?" We have many substrate types to choose from for your name tags. What material you pick to use for your name tag will determine its look and style.

Our top three types of name tags are Metal Name Tags, Plastic Engraved Name Tags and Full Color Plastic Name Tags. Outlined below you will find out what each name tag is composed of and other unique characteristics of each.

Metal Name Tags

  • Made of a .032 aluminum tag
  • Has a brushed finish, available in gold, silver, bronze, and white
  • Engraved or digitally imprinted designs
  • Corners of tag are rounded for a professional look
  • Light weight and stylish
  • The brushed finish tones down any scratches your badge may get from daily use
  • Available in rectangular shapes and sizes\

Plastic Engraved Name Tags

  • Made of multi layer acrylic
  • Laser engraved or rotary machine imprinted
  • Two colors – core (lettering) color and surface (background) color
  • Variety of color combos offered
  • Custom shapes and sizes available

Full Color Plastic Name Tags

  • Made with white plastic
  • Digitally imprinted
  • Multi color unique images
  • Background color available with design imprinted on top
  • Light weight
  • Custom shapes and sizes available

Weigh the costs and benefits of each type of name tag to decide which is right for you. All name tags are made with the finest available materials to last long and look professional.

Join us next post when we’ll talk about photo taking tips for your photo id badges. Until then, remember that…

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Activate the Laser!

What laser? The engraving laser!

Laser engraving is how we stick to the simple classic name tag look, yet offer room for color and creativity. Engraved name tags can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Different fonts and even your logo can be engraved.

How does laser engraving work? Fist off, the name badges used contain a surface color and a core color. A high powered laser beam of light focuses on the surface of your plastic or metal name badge and etches out your design. The laser actually vaporizes (VAPORIZES!) the surface layer. The lettering and logo are revealed as the contrasting color of the core material of the name badge.

Although engraved name tags only display two colors, they are very popular for their durability and sharp professional image. offers a variety of two color name tags. Metal badges are available in a few select colors, while plastic badges offer a larger color selection.

If you feel your logo would be better displayed as a full color image, try our digitally imprinted full color name tags. Both types of name tags are offered in different sizes, shapes, colors, and custom designs. Your order can be large or small, but always quick, easy, and affordable.

Join us next post when we’ll talk about what our nametags are made of. Until then, remember that…

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Digital What?

Digital printing! It’s the new and improved way to make professional nametags. Although engraved nametags have a classic look, they are incomparable to the potential of digitally printed nametags.

Engraved nametags can only contain two colors: the surface color of the tag and the letter color for the design. This may be all you need, but is it all you are looking for? With digital printing, your nametags can contain a variety of colors to suit your needs.

The process of digital printing integrates inkjet printing, heat, and pressure to create unique multicolor nametags. Your nametags can be printed in volume or one at a time. This will come in handy when you only need to order a few name badges after your initial order.

Digital imprinting offers a greater use of creativity when designing nametags. Not only are there more colors, but also more typestyles and artwork. We cannot print every color imaginable, but we can approximate colors that are sure to satisfy. Your quality art will be crafted into a unique name badges that will enhance your professional image.

Join us next post when we’ll talk about laser engraving. Until then, remember that…

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